ding dong ditch (sugarstop) wrote,
ding dong ditch

i wish i could be there for you, i really do. i hate seeing you hurt.

please stop. let me help. tell me, and i'll do anything. 

  • I guess the only reason I still use my LJ is to post stuff like this.

    It's the only place. I would post it on tumblr, but some people in my class follow me there and I really don't want them to know, since they have a…

  • (no subject)

    why is everything so fucking retarded this week. i mess up everything and nothing seems to go the way i want it to. i need someone to talk to right…

  • (no subject)

    i seriously miss you. and you know i'll come running back to you any time. like last time. just give me a wave and i'll be there. i think i need…

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